Qatar Travel Mart (QTM 2020),
the first of its kind exhibition in the country to promote
both inbound and outbound tourism, to cater travel
and tourism industry.

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market drivers

2.8 Million Current Population
$36.57 BillionTourism Share to GDP by 2028
$4 BillionInvestment by 2028
284,000Tourism Jobs by 2028
6.24 Million Tourists by 2028
8.7 %Contribution to GDP by 2028

Event Features

Global Village
Gala Dinner


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“Tourism development & management”

In support of the Qatar’s tourism development efforts, QTM 2020 will hold a one-day conference titled “Tourism Development and Management Conference” which will be held alongside the Qatar Travel Mart . This conference will serve as a platform for industry professionals to discuss challenges, identify required developments and examine various responses regarding appropriate tourism business planning and management techniques. This event will provide participants with stimulating discussions and practical ideas from regional and international tourism professionals and experts...



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