We have introduced yet another initiative by Qatar Travel Mart, QTM Webinar.

This initiative is launched across all our Social Media Networks to connect with our local and international audience as well as to engage with our exhibitors, stakeholders and relevant authorities and to present a platform where they get the chance to discuss tourism’s most current topics as well as share ideas, plans, and steps for recovery.

The QTM Webinar series will feature different industry experts that will deliver presentations on topics that is related to the current status of the Tourism sector.


Stay Tuned to Webinar Session #4 ! Details will be shared soon!

Webinar #1

Date: July 13 2020

Marking our first successful Webinar with the theme “Restarting Tourism in the Middle East”. Our endless gratitude to our speakers from Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, and Qatar who collectively presented a very engaging and informative session.

Webinar #2

Date: August 11 2020

Qatar Travel Mart’s 2nd session Live Webinar was another huge success and is definitely worth watching again! So here’s the full video of the webinar themed “Qatar, Your Safest Touristic Destination!” where our notable guest speakers presented interesting and valuable information; and discussed as well the latest development in Qatar’s tourism.

Webinar #3

Date: August 25 2020

Qatar Travel Mart’s 3rd Live Webinar “Africa:Ready, Willing, Open” was indeed a very interesting session! So here’s the full video of the webinar where you can watch our All-Star speakers discussing the plans to revive Africa’s Tourism.