The QTM Advisory Panel plays a crucial role in the exhibition and will consist of a selection of individuals from the Travel & Tourism environment industry, including Tour operators, Travel Agents, Investors, associations, media publications, and individuals from the private and public sectors. The industry experts will share their views on the Tourism industry in Qatar, identify the on-going trends, and advise best practices and feedback on how to best launch the event for participants.

The main focus of the Advisory Panel is to provide:

  • Insight into the prevailing solutions in the tourism industry considering its state.
  • Create networking opportunities among organizations
  • Supervision, regulation, and support to the exhibitors
  • Sharing knowledge and experience and translate to innovative solutions
  • Afford opportunities to develop further affiliations with leading tourism bodies and organizations.

Panel Members

Steve Reynolds
Senior Vice President
Discover Qatar & Qatar Airways Holidays

Cristina Ortega
World Leisure Organization - WLO

Philippe Francois
World Association for Hospitality and Tourism - AMFORHT

Balaji Sundaram
Head of Regional Sales & Marketing

Emad Abu-Jalala
Owner & CEO
Gulf Adventures

Dr. Ivan Ninov
Director – Marketing and Communications
Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Qatar

Amena Tena
Director – Marketing and Communications
Katara Hospitality

Philip Dickinson
Global International Markets Development
Qatar National Tourism Council