A Moment to Remember National Cruise has the most luxurious and traditional wooden dhows, operates it in Qatar and provides spacious & stylish interiors and exteriors, elevated to an art form. It combines the traditional basic concept of a wooden dhow with modern technology, offering a safe, environmentally friendly and unrivaled cruise experience. With a diversity of cruise themes and voyage lengths, it meets all guest's patterns and preferences. Aside from that, company made the enormous floating platforms used for the fireworks in celebration of National Day 2017 & 2019, Paris Saint-German (PSG) Superstars floating pontoon during their visit to Qatar, QIFF 2018 fireworks pontoon, lake festival floating pontoon January 2020, etc. National cruise is the only registered tourism company in Qatar has fleet with the following features: • * Preserve the Qatari national heritage aligned with tourism licensed fleet. • * Fully secured boats ‘Life insurance provided’. • * Full AC cabin, 3 WCs, LCD/TV, Sundeck, built-in sound system. * Experienced crew ‘first aid and rescue management certified’. • * More stability, low noise and higher speed deserved, due to our unique technical aspects. All of these features available in four different types of boats classified to deluxe & Premier.